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Spontaneous Fermentation, Sour Beers & Souring Microorganisms

Spontaneous Fermentation, Sour Beers & Souring Microorganisms

Rewatch our UK technical sales manager Andrew Paterson and US East Coast technical sales manager Molly Browning co-hosted live presentation. Andrew explored the history and science behind the art of spontaneous fermentation and sour beers, while Molly discussed different souring microorganisms and how to use them in a controlled manner to get consistent results. Key points that were covered:

  • Describe key features of Lambic production
  • Identify the key stages of Spontaneous fermentation
  • Examine the importance of titratable acidity and learn to measure it
  • What is lactobacillus and how to choose the right one
  • The different performance parameters for different strains of Lacto
  • Using yeast to achieve consistency in sour beer brewing


Published Apr 27, 2020 | Updated Jul 27, 2023

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