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Lallemand supports the Fondation Marie-Louise

Dec 26, 2019

This Foundation, a recognized public utility institution, with its 7 establishments in the Toulouse region, has the mission of promoting the well-being of adults with severe disabilities. It offers solutions to shape the best possible living environment for its residents and offers residents’ families the opportunity to “live with peace of mind”.

The foundation’s values based on solidarity, friendliness, quality, and openness are values fully shared by the Lallemand group.

On December 6, on the occasion of the presentation of the donation check, Delphine Le Compès-Andro (HRD) was invited to visit the facility and meet with the foundation’s directors, parents of residents and staff members who are involved with the residents on a daily basis.

This donation will help to carry out beautiful projects for the residents: attend the next Paralympic Games, develop the premises in the region to increase the capacity of reception, renovate the swimming pool, organize recreational activities…

We invite you to visit the Foundation’s website to learn more:

The Lallemand company is pleased to contribute to improving the quality of life of residents and their loved ones and thanks the Foundation for the welcome and the opportunity to share their life.

A word from Jérôme PANES, Chairman of Lallemand SAS:

« Our responsibility is not only to ensure good operational management but also to help promote and promote the beautiful values of the Lallemand company. Among all the causes of solidarity, all equally important, from start I wanted to support associations that help people with disabilities to facilitate their professional integration or to simply help them to make their lives easier and more pleasant. So when an employee of Lallemand SAS recently told me about the need for help from this foundation, I immediately took it to heart that a positive response would be given ».