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The Family is Growing!

The Family is Growing!

2019 is a big year for Lallemand Brewing products family! We started the year strong by unveiling our brand-new LalBrew® Premium Yeast packaging available since April and the launch of our LalBrew® Köln yeast in May – ideal for brewing traditional Kölsch-style beers and other neutral ales. We followed with the recent launch of the first dry bio-engineered brewing yeast, Sourvisiae® (solely available for the US market) and the release of two new products by the end of the year: WildBrew® Helveticus Pitch for sour beer production and Lalbrew® Voss for Kviek beers.



Sourvisiae® – the smart one (U.S. only)

Mascoma and Lallemand Brewing are pleased to announce the launch of the first dry bio-engineered yeast for brewing. After years of research and testing, we are thrilled to make this yeast available to craft brewers willing to experiment and provide a combination of both efficiency and flavor to their brews. Lallemand Brewing is at the forefront of innovation with full label transparency on our products; we wish to provide exciting tools to breweries to push boundaries and increase the quality of craft beers around the world in association with their team of experts. Mascoma (a company of Lallemand) is a leader in research and development of new industrial biotechnology products; their expertise in yeast improvement is highly recognized, most predominantly in the bioethanol field.

Sourvisiae® is a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that produces alcohol and lactic acid simultaneously in less than 5 days with no off flavors and no biogenic amines production. These features save precious time during the brewing process by avoiding any other souring step (in the kettle or in barrels) and make it extremely safe and easy to clean as bacteria are not introduced in the brewery. The level of acidity produced by Sourvisiae® is easily controlled either by blending the yeast with another strain or alternatively by blending the final beer.

The reception of this yeast has been overwhelming, Sourvisiae® is the first one of a line of bio-engineered yeasts that will offer countless possibilities in terms of flavor and performance. Stay tuned for more information on the beverages out there made with this new technology.


WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch – the wild one

This is the second Lactobacillus bacteria for the WildBrew® family. Helveticus Pitch offers the same high-quality high-purity dry bacteria than Sour Pitch and is a selected strain of Lactobacillus helveticus. Dry bacteria provides a consistent number of live cells, ready to pitch in the kettle for a predictable and reproducible souring process.  Compared to WildBrew® Sour Pitch this new bacteria tolerates higher temperature and gives out higher levels of lactic acid with a citrusy finish. Similarly to yeast, different strains of bacteria and certain species will give out different sensory characteristics. Try them side by side and make sure to review our technical datasheets.


Voss – the, about to come, traditional one

You asked for it all over the world and we responded, the first dry Kveik yeast will become available at the end of the year. We selected the Voss strain due to its performance and sensory characteristics, a single strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae traditionally used to brew Norwegian farmhouse ales but truly suitable for a number of yeast styles. Do not be afraid to push the limit with this yeast, it can sustain higher temperatures (up to 38C°/100°F), does not produce off-flavors but instead earthy, estery and citrusy notes. Kveik means yeast in Norwegian dialect, it is one of a kind, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback on this product.

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Published Nov 5, 2019 | Updated Jul 20, 2023

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