Process Aids

Lallemand Brewing is proud to offer brewers around the world the AB Vickers’ wide range of process aids and additives for optimizing capacity, improving processes and delivering cost-savings.

These process aids are applied in the following areas of the brewing process:

Wort clarification: Brewhouse copper finings promote hot trub compaction in the whirlpool or copper. Reducing losses by releasing a higher volume of clarified wort for fermentation and cold break removal where wort proteins associated with poor beer filterability and colloidal instability are removed.

Beer clarification: Including isinglass and auxiliary finings, our range of clarification aids can be applied to fermented beer to increase the pace of yeast and protein removal from beer. This reduces the time taken for cask beer to clarify, increases the volume and speed through the beer filter and improves the turnaround of vessels.

Antifoam: Our range of Antifoams are specifically designed to minimize foaming in kettle and fermenter ,thereby improving vessel utilization as well as hop utilization.

Beer stabilizers: A complete package for beer stabilization. Including Silica gels and PVPP to protect against colloidal haze, binding and removing specific proteins and poly phenols which combine to shorten shelf life.

Foam stabilizers: Our high performance foam stabilizers ensure longer lasting head retention by promoting foam positive proteins while guarding against foam negative ones.

Antioxidants: Scavenging dissolved oxygen, our antioxidants acts to protect flavor, as well as preventing further oxidation and staling in package. Ensuring a full shelf life is achieved.