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Revolutionize low-alcohol beer with LalBrew LoNa™

Revolutionize low-alcohol beer with LalBrew LoNa™

Brewing low-alcohol beer is known for being a challenging and costly process. The result is often producing bland, low-bodied, and worty beers. Despite the growing demand, not many solutions are offered to brewers.

What if you had a game-changing solution to make versatile, good low alcohol beer?

LalBrew LoNa™ is an innovative Saccharomyces cerevisiae hybrid yeast that offers a game-changing solution. This yeast produces a clean and neutral aroma profile and eliminates phenolic flavors while significantly reducing the presence of aldehydes that cause worty flavors.

Learn more about this new yeast strain, on our dedicated landing page.

Published May 1, 2023 | Updated Jul 23, 2023

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