Through the Siebel Institute of Technology, Lallemand Brewing offers a pilot brewing service that allows executing a complete range of research and tests for brewing operations. This service is designed for delivering value to all breweries, regardless of size.
Specifically created to emulate the physical dynamics of a wide range of commercial brewing systems, our pilot plant enables us to design and test new recipes and to evaluate changes in a customer’s existing recipes. Along with recipe development or enhancement, our pilot brewery facility allows for conducting research on a wide variety of brewing-related variables, including:

  • Filtration products
  • Effect of raw ingredient variations
  • Enzyme and additive effects on recipes
  • Packaging material quality, including PET bottle evaluation
  • Processing aids (at all points of the process)

Our advanced pilot brewery facility is operated by senior Siebel Institute of Technology researchers. From the time you give us your requirements to the day the final report is delivered, your project will be completed with the speed, accuracy, and value that the Siebel Institute of Technology has built its reputation on for over 140 years.
To find out more about our pilot brewing services, offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology, please visit the Pilot Brewing Services website, or contact our Pilot Brewing Services team directly at