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Our latest solutions for IPAs, ABV Aromazyme

Our latest solutions for IPAs, ABV Aromazyme

AB Vickers® Aromazyme
Enzyme formulation for Premium IPA

Biotransformation is a buzzword nowadays in brewing. It is defined as “the chemical modification made by the interaction of two ingredients used in brewing: yeast and hops”. Brewing yeast produces different enzymes during fermentation that can play a role in biotransformation with the release of aromatic compounds. Lallemand Brewing, in addition to the characterization of its yeast portfolio with regards to these specific enzymatic activities, just released ABV Aromazyme, an enzyme preparation with strong β-glucosidase activity.

Developed by AB Vickers R&D department, a subdivision of Lallemand Inc. specialized in brewing process aids, ABV Aromazyme favors hydrolyzation of glycosidic bonds, liberating monoterpene alcohol compounds which will increase the aroma complexity and flavor profile in a beer.

The application of ABV Aromazyme during fermentation provides brewers with the opportunity to improve their hop utilization in combination with the usage of specific brewing yeast. All is left to do is for the brewers to express their creativity and make a unique IPA by experimenting with different hops.

ABV Aromazyme is a food-grade dry enzyme preparation, derived from a selected strain of Non-GMO Aspergillus niger, available in 100g plastic jar with a recommended dosage of 5g per hL of wort.

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Published Nov 5, 2020 | Updated Jan 30, 2024

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