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New product for sour beer styles – WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch

New product for sour beer styles – WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch

Sour beer is a growing segment of the craft market, brewers are looking for easy and safe solutions to produce exciting and high-quality sour beers. The success of the first dry bacteria for Sour Beer WildBrew™ Sour Pitch, launched in 2017, can attest to that effect.

To keep the momentum going, Lallemand Brewing is proud to introduce the second product of the WildBrew™ product line: WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch, a ready-to-use dried bacteria, a strain of Lactobacillus helveticus specifically selected for its ability to produce a wide range of sour beer styles. In comparison to WildBrew™ Sour Pitch, the new bacteria produces a more intense citrusy flavor at higher temperatures. Additionally, WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch will deliver unmatched consistency, effortless application, fully assured performance and unparalleled purity for brewing the sour beer style of your choice.

WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch is recommended at a dosage of 10g/hl to pour directly into the unhoped wort.

WildBrew™ Helveticus Pitch is part of a wider set of solutions for sour beer making, which also includes the newly launched bioengineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast Mascoma Sourvisiae® that can produce lactic acid and ethanol simultaneously.

Published Nov 17, 2019 | Updated Jul 19, 2023

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