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Lallemand’s Team Building Brew Day

Lallemand’s Team Building Brew Day

In October 2021, the Lallemand Brewing French and Spanish Teams were lucky to meet near Toulouse in the Southwest of France at Le Veilleur de bières, which is a micro-brewery, homebrew workshop and homebrew shop all in one. We divided into four groups, each brewing a different recipe, with different yeast strains.

We send a big thank you to the team from Le Veilleur de bières. We were thrilled to test recipes together and take some great pictures throughout our brew day. A month after, we met for a tasting session.

Our favorite pairing: Smoked salmon with the Mint Gose fermented with WildBrew Philly Sour™. Indeed, a sour beer, which brings freshness, acidity and a citrus aroma resonated very well with the texture and the flavor of the salmon.
#2 Choice: 36 months old Comté with the Saison Beer fermented with LalBrew Farmhouse™. The fruity and spicy characteristics of the Saison beer perfectly complemented this mature cheese.

Published Jan 24, 2022 | Updated Jul 11, 2023

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