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Celebrating 20 years of pioneering brewing education and training

Celebrating 20 years of pioneering brewing education and training

Q. What do you get if you combine the resources of two iconic brewing education and training institutions? A. The World Brewing Academy (WBA)!

Established 20 years ago, this groundbreaking concept combined the resources of then Siebel Institute of Technology and Doemens Academy to form the World Brewing Academy. Rapidly becoming acknowledged as a leading global force in the education and training of professional brewers, the WBA continues to inspire new generations of brewers, many of whom have become leading players and innovators in the industry. From the outset, the WBA has engaged only the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers, content experts with real world practical experiences to share with students.

Did you know that the World Brewing Academy is a pioneer in online brewing courses and programs?

Previously, very few online courses allowing brewers to reach a high level of education were offered by recognized institutions. With twenty years of experience and expertise, the World Brewing Academy has established itself as a leader in providing professional brewing education online. Offering entry, intermediate and advanced level courses and programs, the WBA has something to offer anyone interested in embarking on or advancing in a professional brewing career. Many of the WBA entry and intermediate courses are offered in both eLearning and traditional on campus formats. Recent extensive investments in content and delivery systems make the WBA eLearning experience a flexible, versatile and economically attractive alternative to traditional classroom learning. However, for those that thrive on the higher level of interaction provided by in-person learning, the intermediate level WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology is an intensive 2-week class at the Chicago campus. The higher level WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology and WBA Master Brewer programs are both dual campus (Chicago/Munich) and are unique not to be missed experiences. The dual campus/dual continent WBA is in a class of its own – world class brewing education and training combined with the opportunity to learn all about brewing in two unique brewing cultures. Whether eLearning or campus, you can be assured that the quality, depth, and detail of knowledge shared is exactly the same for all World Brewing Academy students.

Published Sep 29, 2021 | Updated Jul 11, 2023

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