Yeastlife O™

AB Vickers YeastLife O™ is the result of an intensive Research & Development work on brewing process with attention to the yeast nutritional aspect of high sugar/low nutrient based fermented beverages including hard seltzer. On top of solving nutritional requirement to avoid sluggish and stuck fermentation, YeastLife O™ has been formulated to avoid off-flavor and improve mouthfeel.

YeastLife O™ is OMRI listed. For market specific organic compliance, please contact your organic certification organisation.

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  • Complete nutrition for pure sugar fermentations.
  • Ensures rapid fermentation with high attenuation.
  • Natural, 100% yeast derived nutrition is balanced and bioavailable for yeast.
  • Clean and consistent fermentations.
  • Reduced off-flavors compared to inorganic nutrient supplementation.


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