LalBrew Köln™

LalBrew Köln is ideal for brewing traditional Kölsch-style beers and other neutral ales.  The neutral character of this strain accentuates delicate hop aromas while imparting subtle fruity esters.  Through expression of a beta-glucosidase enzyme LalBrew Köln can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavor and aroma. Colder fermentations will be more neutral in character, while warmer fermentations will have more fruit-forward ester profile.

Lallemand Brewing will no longer be producing LalBrew Köln™ in the foreseeable future. We invite you to contact your local supplier(s) to know if they have stocks left or to reach out for replacement options within the LalBrew range.

500g, 550g (50x11g), 20kg (on request only)
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Quick facts

StrainSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Beer stylesAltbier, American Pale Ale, American Wheat, Blonde Ale, Cream Ale, Kolsch, New England IPA, New England Pale Ale, Session IPA
Temperature range15 - 25°C (59 - 77°F)
AromaSlightly fruity, more neutral with colder fermentations
Alcohol tolerance9% ABV
Pitching rate100 - 200g/hL

Flavor and aroma characteristics - LalBrew Köln™


We are extremely proud of our award winning beers and also being recognised by our industry peers at the 2023 Australian International Beer Awards; this is an incredible achievement. It took a variety of different yeasts to produce a Gold Medal for our Kolsch style Ale…most simply weren’t up to the task as their profile was caught short. However it was a different story for Lallemand’s Kolsch style yeast. The neutral character of this strain accentuates delicate hop aromas while imparting subtle fruity esters was spot on! A big shout to Ellerslie, our supplier of Lallemand yeast; each yeast order is supplied in a cooler bag with the addition of ice packs…outstanding customer service!
Steve Morenos at Oak Haven Brewing Co
Thank you very much for the yeast! We’ve slowed down beer production a bit as we are having a hard time getting ingredients due to delivery of freight to our small town. We’re a small 3bbl Brewpub. We typically double batch brew into 5 bbl fermenters. Luckily we have great local support and have been able to stay afloat. We did manage to brew an amazing hazy IPA with all Sabro hops with Voss Kveik yeast. Completed fermentation in two days at 90 degrees! Has great flavor and aroma and looks beautifully hazy. Thanks again for the yeast. It has been challenging in these times getting ingredients and your Rebrew program has been extremely helpful. I look forward to using Lallemand yeast in the future. Next week we’re brewing our Oktoberfest and cream ale with your Lallemand Kolsch yeast. I’ve been loving that Kolsch yeast for our “lagers.” Such great flocculation and lager like qualities. Kudos to you and Lallemand Yeast! Keep up the good work!


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