Britesorb BK™ 75

Britesorb BK 75 is a non-macerating silicic acid hydrogel. Optimal grain distribution and pore volume in addition to a large surface area create the requirements for good protein adsorption in beer stabilization.

Britesorb BK 75 is chemically inert, dust-free and is not attacked by either water or beer or silicic acid. Its use therefore does not breach German beer purity regulations and is permitted  according to the provisional Beer Tax Law §9, section.

Britesorb BK 75 has a very short reaction time: protein adsorption is completed within a few minutes. Britesorb BK 75 can be used both for flow contact stabilization and for tank stabilization. Longer contact times have no disadvantageous effect. Britesorb BK 75 facilitates long filter life.

20 kg
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  • Irreversibly removes proteins responsible for shelf life haze
  • Does not affect foam positive proteins
  • Can be used for stabilization in the tank or in beer flow pre-filter


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