Barrel Aged Sensory Kit

The Barrel Aged Sensory Kit offers a total of 12 compounds that cover a variety of common flavors that may be associated with the process of ageing beer in barrels. Each vial allows for spiking 1 liter of beer.

500g packs

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Flavors Included

Almond– Marzipan, almonds
Vanilla – Custard powder, vanilla essence
Exotic– Coconut, Vanilla, Fruity, Glue-like
Woody– Woody, Resinous
Tobacco– Natural, Woody, Sweet, Fruity, Plum, Spicy Tobacco Nuances, Menthol-like
Smoky– Smoky (smoked wood/smoked fish), Phenolic
Peat-Like– Peat-like, Smoky, Woody, Medicinal
Barnyard– Barnyard, Horsey, Brett-related flavors, Wine-like, Alcohol
Coconut– Dill, Earthy, Coconut
Caramel– Caramel, Spicy, Sweet, Almond
Whiskey– Woody, Oakey, Coconut, Rum-like, Green
Pineapple– Pineapple-like, Brett-related flavors, Rum-like, Tropical Fruit


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