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Lallemand Brewing Quarterly Newsletter – issue 3

Lallemand Brewing Quarterly Newsletter – issue 3

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter. If we had been asked in 2019 ‘what is the biggest threat our industry will face in 2020’ the responses would not have included ‘coping with the impact of a global pandemic that required the closure of vast numbers of pubs, clubs, and restaurants’. Well, it happened, and with devastating effect. Small craft breweries without the luxury of SKU flexibility needed to switch quickly to alternative income streams and some were hit particularly hard. However, as I write, from my office at AB Vickers in Burton upon Trent, where luckily we have continued operations throughout, I see encouraging signs that the British brewing industry is starting to emerge from the crisis. The phones are ringing with greater frequency and email inboxes are filling – we are bringing employees back from furlough to cope with increasing demand. This is happening elsewhere around the globe, albeit at different rates depending on the local containment of “the virus” (I shall not speak its name). Having spent 36 years in this industry, witnessing several tumultuous ‘industry defining’ events, this renewed activity brings a great sense of relief. We may be required to embrace the “new normal” but if this can be done whilst enjoying a pint of cask conditioned British ale in my local pub, in the (relatively) close company of friends and family, then I relish the thought. And so, back to business…

We have so much happening at Lallemand Brewing these days, and we’ve picked out the best bits to share with you. Collaborations with external partners is in overdrive lately, and we have launched an incredibly exciting new yeast: WILDBREW™ PHILLY SOUR is a Lachancea species discovered by the brewing scientists at University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA USA. This novel strain allows brewers to produce ethanol and lactic acid during fermentation – a great addition to our souring portfolio. In this edition we have included interesting facts and features about WILDBREW™ PHILLY SOUR.

A positive to come out of the crisis is the resurgence in home brewing–and we expect that, once bitten, the newbie home brewers will just want to keep on doing it! Is there anything more satisfying than brewing your own golden coloured, deliciously flavoursome brew? You might even want to try and brew your own Kveik, like the 4,800 participants of the world’s largest virtual big brew.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Lallemand Brewing newsletter!


Editorial by Brent Jordan, General Manager, Lallemand Brewing:

Published Jul 1, 2020 | Updated Jul 11, 2023