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Escarpment Laboratories and Lallemand Brewing: A Partnership for Innovation and Quality 

Escarpment Laboratories and Lallemand Brewing: A Partnership for Innovation and Quality 

The brewing industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, styles, and techniques emerging every year. To keep up with the demand for quality and variety, brewers need reliable and innovative partners who can provide them with the best ingredients, equipment, and services. That’s why Escarpment Laboratories and Lallemand Brewing have joined forces to collaborate on projects that aim to enhance the brewing experience and offer new possibilities for brewers and consumers alike. 

Who is Escarpment Laboratories? 

Escarpment Laboratories is a Canadian company that specializes in providing high-quality liquid yeast cultures and fermentation solutions for the brewing industry. Founded in 2015 by three microbiologists with a passion for beer, Escarpment Laboratories has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of liquid yeast in North America, serving over 500 breweries and and thousands of homebrewers. Escarpment Laboratories is committed to advancing the science and art of brewing, by conducting research, developing new products, and supporting the brewing community through education and knowledge.

What is new with the collaboration? 

The collaboration between Escarpment Laboratories and Lallemand Brewing is based on a shared vision of providing brewers with the best possible products and services, while also contributing to the advancement of the brewing industry. By combining their respective strengths and resources, the two companies can offer more value and diversity, as well as create new and exciting products. 

One of the first outcomes of the collaboration is the launch of a new product, the tried-and-true Escarpment Labs House Ale in dried form. This allows for brewers to access the yeast they love coupled with flexibility in brew day scheduling and a stable product with extended shelf life.  

Another project that the two companies are working on is the development of new yeast strains, using advanced techniques such as hybridization and adaptive lab evolution. These techniques allow the creation of novel yeast strains that have desirable characteristics, such as improved performance, flavor, and stability. The two companies are also collaborating on research projects that aim to improve the understanding of yeast physiology, metabolism, and genetics, and how they affect the brewing process and the final product. The shared set values of innovation, quality, education and community make this partnership on that we will remain excited about for many years to come.  

Published May 28, 2024 | Updated Jun 2, 2024