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Unraveling Mash Gang’s Journey into Low-Alcohol Beer

Unraveling Mash Gang’s Journey into Low-Alcohol Beer

Meet Jordan Childs, the co-founder of Mash Gang, a pioneering low-alcohol brewery making waves in the beer industry. In this interview, Lallemand UK’s Andrew Paterson explores Jordan’s path into the world of low-alcohol beer, the challenges faced during a pandemic launch, and the ethos that makes Mash Gang stand out.

How did you get into low-alcohol beer?

I used to run a tattoo business, but Covid forced its closure. During that time, I started experimenting with homebrewing and making nonalcoholic beers. Eventually, I teamed up with James and others to create our own low-alcohol brewery. We chose to focus on New England IPA and worked with various breweries to produce our beers.

How has the journey been since you started Mashgang in 2020?

It has been challenging, especially launching during a global pandemic with supply chain issues and financial difficulties. However, we have grown more confident in running the business and have chosen to prioritize the quality of our beers over traditional marketing.

Is the low-alcohol beer market growing?

Yes, the market is growing, but it’s not necessarily eating away at the regular beer market. It seems to be appealing to people who want to drink more beer but can’t due to work or lifestyle reasons.

What is your company ethos?

We focus on creating experiential beers rather than just utilitarian ones. We aim to balance flavors and offer unique experiences to our customers.

What is key to making a good low-alcohol beer?

For us, it’s all about finding a balance and creating an enjoyable experience, even with extreme styles. Each beer should have a certain level of drinkability, depending on its style.

Do you read Untappd reviews?

I used to, but I realized it can be toxic and affect the mental health of brewers. Now, I see it more as a diary of others’ drinking experiences and try to enjoy it without taking it too seriously.

Where do you see growth in the low-alcohol beer industry?

The USA, the UK, and France are experiencing significant growth. I’m optimistic about the future of the beer industry in the UK, especially as we unlock the potential of native hops and grains.

Jordan Childs is the founder and CPO of Mash Gang and oversees production for Impossibrew. He is a multiple award-winning beverage specialist and brewed more than 100 beers at 0.5% or below.

Published Oct 5, 2023 | Updated Jan 29, 2024


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