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Launch of the new LalBrew® App

Launch of the new LalBrew® App

This month we launched the LalBrew® App for smartphones, which we hope will become an indispensable tool that puts product information, brewing tools and personal technical support right at your fingertips. We are excited to bring together so much practical brewing information in one, convenient package.

The first feature you will find is a Product Catalog that gives you quick access to technical information about our yeast and bacteria strains; and AB Vickers nutrients, enzymes and process aids; and brewing education from the Siebel Institute of Technology.

And this app extends well beyond the product catalog. The interactive Strain Selector is a highly sophisticated tool for choosing the right strain for your brew, including single strains for ales and lagers as well as lactic acid yeast strains or combinations of bacteria and yeast for sour styles. A Global Distributor List is also included to help you to get a quote and order whichever strains you choose.

Calculating the ideal pitching rates for dry brewing yeast is different than for liquid yeast cultures. The most consistent fermentations are achieved by measuring dry brewing yeast by weight instead of counting cells. Using standard online pitching rate calculators for dry brewing yeast can result in significant overpitching. The LalBrew® App includes a Pitching Rate Calculator optimized for Lallemand Brewing yeast strains, which includes corrections for starting gravity as well as fermentation temperatures.

Take your brewing to the next level by using the other calculator tools included in the LalBrew® App:

The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Calculator is one of the most commonly used brewing tools.

Brewing sour beers? Don’t rely on pH measurements alone! Brew more consistent sours by using the Titratable Acidity Calculator.

Hit the perfect carbonation level using the Bottle Conditioning Calculator.

Calculate the number of calories in your beer using the Calories Calculator.

Perhaps the most important feature of the LalBrew® App is a chat feature that provides in-app access to Personal Technical Support. This feature goes beyond a simple “contact us” form and allows you to chat directly with a Lallemand Brewing technical rep. Whether you have questions about a product or problems with your brew, the Lallemand Brewing team is there to help you to make the best beer possible.

Published Apr 26, 2022 | Updated Jul 11, 2023

LalBrew® App

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LalBrew® App

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