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Introducing LalBrew Pomona™: The modern IPA yeast for Hop forward beers 

Introducing LalBrew Pomona™: The modern IPA yeast for Hop forward beers 

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest innovation LalBrew Pomona™ Modern Hybrid IPA Yeast.   

An ever-growing IPA market 

Since their introduction into the craft market around 2003, hazy IPAs have firmly cemented themselves as a pervasively popular and highly demanded style in the brewing universe. With its carefully selected flavor profile, LalBrew Pomona™ answers the market’s ever-present demand from brewers chasing the divine balance of fruit and hop flavors. Commercial trials have received rave reviews, and we anticipate this to be one of our most beloved strains for many years to come. 

Why is LalBrew Pomona™ a game-changer? 

LalBrew Pomona™ is a hybrid yeast that was selected for flavor and fermentation performance in hoppy beers. Named after the goddess of fruit trees, LalBrew Pomona™ produces a unique and juicy flavor profile with notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits.  

The strain’s benefits: 

  • High Biotransformation potential  
  • Unique flavor profile with notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruit 
  • Selected for fermentation in high-gravity and highly hopped wort 
  • Haze-positive for stable haze  
  • Robust and repitchable 

How was LalBrew Pomona™ selected for IPA fermentations? 

This strain was developed through hybridization by our partner Escarpment Laboratories, an innovative Canadian yeast company and industry leader in solution-based yeast selection and hybridization.  

We used yeast breeding to cross a highly aromatic strain with a super robust and reliable strain. Then we used a process called adaptive lab evolution to adapt it to the unique fermentation conditions of IPAs, enhancing biotransformation and haze.

The result is a fruity, stress-tolerant, and robust strain that enhances biotransformation and haze for modern IPA styles.  

Brewers’ feedback on the strain 

Partner breweries around the world conducted commercial trials over the past few months. Here’s what they are saying: 

Using the LalBrew Pomona™  trial brews highlighted its positive characteristics for brewing a hazy ale. Delicious flavor balance, great attenuation, and quick ferment make it a great inclusion for brewers keen on the style.
“One of the most exciting yeasts I had the opportunity to try.
Customer feedback in our bar has been great enough that we will be rolling  LalBrew Pomona™  out as our go-to house yeast for ale fermentations.

To learn more about LalBrew Pomona™, visit our product page

Published Jun 3, 2024