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Throwback to Our First European Distributor Open Days in Lisbon

Throwback to Our First European Distributor Open Days in Lisbon

Lallemand Brewing recently organized its inaugural Distributor’s Open Days in Lisbon, Portugal. More than 30 European distributors were invited to join the event, which took place from June 26-28, 2023.

“Our team has been supporting breweries, alongside our distributors, through the We Brew With You™ approach with great success. This time, we decided to go one step further by inviting regional distributors to this innovative event. Our goal was to show them what we do within Lallemand in depth: from production and quality aspects to the latest R&D projects and our marketing resources. Creating a closer human relationship with our partners is fundamental to achieving our goals together, as their success is also our success.”

Joan Montasell, Regional Sales Manager, Europe

The attendees had the opportunity to participate in technical meetings to gain a deeper understanding of Lallemand and its brewing products. Additionally, they enjoyed visiting the Setubal yeast production plant and engaged in various enjoyable activities throughout their stay in Lisbon.

The Lallemand team gathered several beers for tasting from different European breweries, trying different LalBrew® yeast strains. Thanks to Acme Craft Brewery (Italy), Gloucester Brewery (UK), Cobolis (Czechia), iFBM (France), Purtse (Estonia) and La Virgen (Spain).

This tasting was also an opportunity to taste beers made with our newest yeast LalBrew® LoNa™ for non-alcohol beers and low-alcohol beers (NABLAB) production.

The participants tried La Virgen Sin Tostada (Madrid, Spain). This copper-colored brew boasts rich bread and caramel flavors, using only the finest ingredients and incorporating the innovative LalBrew® LoNa™ yeast. With its unfiltered character, La Virgen Sin Tostada offers a distinct and satisfying drinking experience for beer enthusiasts.

Our goal is to replicate this event in various locations worldwide to continue building strong relationships with our distributors and gain a better understanding of their needs.

Published Oct 25, 2023 | Updated Jan 31, 2024

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