Lallemand Brewing

Our Units

Lallemand Brewing currently offers three distinctive lines of products and services, grouped under a different set of brands.

Lallemand’s premium brewing yeast offers brewers unmatched consistency, reliability and purity from one batch of beer to the next one, allowing them to take full control of the brewing process, exercise their full creativity and obtain the exact aromatic and flavor qualities they want.

Additionally, Lallemand Brewing also offers the AB Vickers line of products. Both traditional and innovative, the AB Vickers line ranges from beer and wort clarification products to a comprehensive range of non-GMO enzymes. From small local breweries up to the largest beer production companies, many organizations around the world rely on the AB Vickers line thanks to the constant technical innovation and expertise that supports its offering.

Finally, Lallemand Brewing is proud to offer to the brewing community unparalleled education, services and products via the Siebel Institute of Technology. A proud member of the Lallemand Brewing family, for over 140 years the Siebel Institute of  Technology has contributed to the education and perfecting of generations of brewers around the world. Since its foundation, the Siebel Institute has been a key part of North America’s brewing tradition, and is recognized as a thought leader when it comes to brewing knowledge and education.