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Verdant IPA goes global

Verdant IPA goes global

This new LalBrew Verdant IPA™ strain represents a real first for us, a very close and direct collaboration with a leading brewer to produce and dry their house yeast and make it available for all brewers to use. This exciting project has been 3 years in the making and I am delighted to tell you more about it.

Verdant Brewing Co. (Falmouth, UK) value this strain as being totally unique and suitable for a broad range of IPAs and other beer styles, contributing prominent notes of apricot and undertones of tropical fruit and citrus merge seamlessly with hop aromas. Moreover, dozens of breweries around the world have conducted very successful pilot brewing trials with LalBrew Verdant IPA™ and let’s take a look at some…

Firstly, to Spain, where trials focused on modern hop forward pale ales and IPAs. We are extremely grateful to all the trials and feedback and we can see some of the exciting beers in final pack below.

Aran León, La Pirata was particularly impressed with the results in a recent collaboration with UK based Pollys Brewing Co, describing their experience; “We first tried LalBrew Verdant IPA™ yeast for our Hop Wave NEIPA. The aroma profile was a blast even before the dry hop. Since then, we are using this yeast for all our hazy IPAs!”

Back in the UK Unity Brewing CO (Southampton) were one of the first to trial the new strain brewing a range of modern hop forward beers with fantastic results but also tapped in to the versatility of this strain and brewed some dark beers including a full and smooth oatmeal stout and a big and bold Imperial Stout pushing all the way to 10.5% ABV, showcasing how suitable this strain is for dark beer styles and contributing to body and balance.

Head Brewery Jim Fullager described some of the results from the initial trials “We really like this strain, it performed reliably and produced delicious beer that achieved characteristics we have previously struggled to get in beers brewed with dried yeast. We intend to use this as our house yeast for all pale ales, IPAs and porters/stouts. I think it would work well in the whole spectrum of IPAs from NE to West Coast style, where the attenuation is so broad but controllable, I think this would suit a diverse range of styles.”

This is just a snapshot of the immense amount of characterisation work that has been made possible by our partners and collaborators in all corners of the globe.

Published Nov 19, 2020 | Updated Jul 11, 2023

LalBrew® Verdant IPA

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LalBrew® Verdant IPA

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