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Siebel Institute of Technology Announces New President and Chief Executive Officer


New Siebel President, Christian von der Heide

The Chicago-based Siebel Institute of Technology announces the appointment of Christian von der Heide to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer.

With a heritage of providing training and education services to the brewing industry dating back to 1872, the Siebel Institute is the oldest brewing school in North America. The Siebel Institute has been instrumental in the technical training and education of some of the most recognized names in brewing, contributing to the success of many notable brewing companies.

In addition to a wide range of class-based programs delivered at its Chicago and satellite campuses, the Siebel Institute has, in conjunction with its Munich-based partner Doemens Institute, developed the concept of the World Brewing Academy (WBA), a unique dual-continent education and training program incorporating both classroom and web-based education combined with extensive ‘hands on’ practical experience, from malting through to final pack. The WBA’s Master Brewer program is widely recognized as the one of the most sought-after credentials for professional brewers.

As the global brewing industry continues to change at a rapid pace, the Siebel Institute recognises the need to identify and develop the resources and programs required to meet the training and education needs of an ever-evolving global brewing industry, and is pleased to announce the appointment of Christian von der Heide to lead the Siebel Institute through its next phase of development.

Christian is a graduate of Weihenstephan and is a master brewer and maltster by profession, and has completed executive studies at INSEAD and The Wharton School. Christian’s brewing brand pedigree ranges from Augustiner Beer in Munich to Guinness in Dublin and Tusker in East Africa, where he was also instrumental in supporting water conservation efforts and in aiding the development of local raw materials for use in beer production. Christian is a Past President of the European Brewery Convention and has held senior positions in brewing, technology development, R&D, innovation and supply chain management at a number of entrepreneurial enterprises and global beverage companies. Christian is engaged in a variety of advisory and board roles, coaching fast-growing craft brands to strive for excellence.

‘We are delighted to have Christian join the Siebel Institute team at this very exciting time in the history of the Institute,’ said Brent Jordan, President of Lallemand Brewing. ‘With his passion for brewing, his constant striving for excellence and his tremendous breadth of experience in the industry Christian will be instrumental in furthering the aims of The Siebel Institute to become recognized as the leading global player in brewing education and training.’

Christian von der Heide, incoming President and CEO of Siebel Institute, commented that he is ‘thrilled and honored to lead the Siebel Institute legacy to its next evolution with a strong team, outstanding faculty and vision.’

Published Feb 12, 2018 | Updated Jul 11, 2023

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