Lalvin ICV K1-V1116™

Lalvin K1™ (V1116) has been selected by INRA Montpellier located in France in the Mediterranean region. When fermented at low temperatures (below 16°C) and with the right addition of nutrients, Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is one of the yeast producing the most floral esters (isoamyl acetate, hexyl acetate, phenyl ethyl acetate). These esters bring fresh floral aromas to neutral varieties or high-yield grapes. Among the high ester producers, Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is the most resistant strain in difficult fermentation conditions, such as low turbidity, low temperature and low fatty acid content. Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is also a proven strain for the fermentation of ice wines.

100 x 5g packs


  • GRAPE VARIETY PAIRING: Brings fresh floral aromas to neutral varieties or high-yield grapes
  • WINE STYLES: Aromatic red, white, late harvest and sparkling wines
  • AROMA: Flowery ester (banana and fresh red fruit)
  • FERMENTATION RANGE: 10-35°C (50-95°F)
  • INOCULATION RATE: 0.2-0.4g/L