5 Mix & Match Sensory Kit

The 5 Mix & Match Sensory Kit offers a set of 5 vials for sensory training. The kit can be fully customized by simply choosing a total of 5 flavor compounds from all the flavor and aromatics available. Allowing maximum flexibility for specific variety requirements, this kit can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Each vial allows for spiking 1 liter of beer.

500g packs
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Flavors included

Acetaldehyde – green apple, cut grass
Acetic acid – vinegar-like
Almond – marzipan, almonds
Anise – anise, spicy, sweet
Apricot – apricot, fruity, pineapple, banana, sweet, honey
Berry – raspberry, berry, citrus, woodlands, floral, violet
Bitter – hoppy, bitter
Butyric acid – putrid, baby vomit
Caprylic acid – soapy, fatty, candle wax
Catty – blackcurrant, catty, cassis, astringent, tart/fruity, herbal
Cinnamon – cinnamon, pungent, spicy, clove, vanilla
Citrus – citrus, apple, sweet, fruity, pineapple
Contamination – sour & buttery
D.M.S. – cooked corn, cooked vegetables
Diacetyl– butter, butterscotch
Earthy – geosmin, soil-like
Ethyl acetate – solvent-like, nail polish remover
Ethyl hexanoate – aniseed, apple or liquorice
Exotic – coconut, vanilla, fruity, glue-like
Floral – floral, rosy, waxy/soapy
Furaneol – cotton candy, strawberry, sweet, caramel
Geraniol – floral, geranium flowers
Grainy – husk-like, nut-like
Grapefruit – fruity, grapefruit, citrus (green notes)
Hefeweizen – spicy & banana
Herbal – herbaceous, resinous, green, balsamic, pine, light terpene/hydrocarbon character
Indole – farm, barnyard
Isoamyl acetate – banana, peardrop
Isovaleric acid – cheesy, old hops, sweaty socks
Lactic acid – sour, sour milk
Light Struck – skunky, toffee or coffee like
Linalool – fruity, floral, blueberry, lavender, rose-wood
Mercaptan – sewer-like, drains
Metallic– metal, tin-like, blood
Musty – metallic, pungent, musty, green
Nonanal – citrus-like, lime, fatty, soapy, waxy, grapefruit, grape, fruity
Papery – cardboard, oxidized
Perfume – perfume-like, floral, rose-like, waxy
Piney – piney, lilac, conifer-like, resinous, woody, lime
Potato skins – potato skins, bell pepper, earthy, musty (wine-like)
Spicy – cloves, all spice
Tobacco – natural, woody, sweet, fruity, plum, spicy tobacco nuances, menthol-like
Vanilla – custard powder, vanilla essence
Woody – woody, resinous


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