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Strengthening our roots

Strengthening our roots

Lallemand Brewing currently offers three distinctive lines of products and services, grouped under a different set of brands. One of those brands is AB Vickers®, a global leader in the field of brewing process aids and services with strong local roots in Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom.  

The local AB Vickers® team recently partnered with Narrow Lane Market Garden in Ticknall, U.K., to provide three plastic tanks for rainwater collection and storage. Narrow Lane Market Garden grows and sells fresh produce for the local community and uses rainwater for irrigation of its crops.  

Reuse, reuse, reuse 

During a review of the use of plastics in our business as part of our wider Sustainability Program, we considered alternative applications for plastic tanks for which we no longer have use. The tanks have already been reused multiple times for delivering AB Vickers® products such as finings for beer clarification. The tanks are returned to our factory, cleaned and used to supply products several more times. We identified several opportunities to extend the usable life of these plastic tanks and concluded that they would be very useful for collecting and storing rainwater!  

We recently delivered three of these 1000-litre tanks to Narrow Lane Market Garden, which is close to our factory in Burton upon Trent.  The tanks will be used to collect and store rainwater, which will be used for crop irrigation. The proprietor of Narrow Lane, Paul Clough, informed us that this additional rainwater handling capacity will allow him to become 100% self-sufficient for his irrigation water requirements. 

Although only a small part of a bigger sustainability improvement program at AB Vickers®, we believe that this extension to the usable life of plastic tanks, while at the same time assisting a small local business to use more rainwater, is a great example of how small actions to improve our sustainability footprint can be done quite easily.  

Connecting with Narrow Lane Market Garden has helped them to provide fresh, local produce to the local community and is one small way that Lallemand Brewing is helping to improve the sustainability of the entire beer production chain. 

Lallemand Inc., the parent company of AB Vickers® is also sponsoring an initiative to determine evaluation criteria for corporate performance related to environmental, social, and governance factors. 

Published Sep 26, 2022 | Updated Jul 23, 2023

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