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The wait is over: Sourvisiae® 10g sachets are here

The wait is over: Sourvisiae® 10g sachets are here

Sourvisiae® has quickly become a favorite among professional brewers in the United States for achieving rapid, risk-free and consistent sour style beers. For more than two years now, we’ve received comments from the homebrew community asking when they will get this yeast in sachet. Finally, here it is! We are delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of Sourvisiae® GMO yeast in vacuumsealed homebrew size (10g) sachets.

New Innovative tools for Homebrewers

At Lallemand Brewing, we very much believe the homebrew community plays a vital role in driving innovation and pushing style evolution within the beer industry. There is an unmatched passion for beer and fermentation that exists among homebrewers, which continuously inspires the industry as a whole and keeps us moving forward.

Lallemand Brewing is a perfect fit with the passion of homebrewers. We wish to provide exciting tools to continue to push boundaries of beer styles around the world. Lallemand Brewing is at the forefront of innovation, and offers full label transparency on our products. Mascoma (a Lallemand company) is a leader in research and development of new industrial biotechnology products. Their expertise in yeast improvement is highly recognized, most predominantly in the bioethanol field. Sourvisiae® was the first GMO yeast created specifically for brewing to come from Mascoma R&D. We plan to continue this strategy of engineering innovative products that serve the beer community in the years to come.

Sourvisiae® is a GMO Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast that contains a single modification, enabling the yeast to produce high levels of lactic acid during primary fermentation. Sourvisiae® will produce alcohol and lactic acid simultaneously in less than 5 days with no off flavors and no production of biogenic amines. These features save precious time during the brewing process by avoiding performing separate souring steps and make it extremely safe and easy to clean and prevent cross contamination, since bacteria and wild yeast are not needed. The level of acidity produced by Sourvisiae® is easily controlled either by blending the yeast with another strain or alternatively by blending the final beer. The advantages of Sourvisiae® are clear and have been widely accepted by craft brewers, a fact which makes us confident in offering this innovative product for the homebrew community.

Premiere at Homebrew Con

Homebrew Con, a famous American homebrew conference, took place in Pittsburgh, PA, USA this past June. There, 20 lucky homebrewers won samples of Sourvisiae® sachets ahead of the public release. These homebrewers are busy fermenting now and we cannot wait to see the results of their creativity! There is a lot of room for originality in the sour beer arena. If you are looking for inspiration on creating a sour style, our team worked up a best practice showing blends and styles they have succeeded with in the past. Check out our Sour Solutions Strain Selection document, which includes Sourvisiae® here.

Next up for our homebrewer community will be our newest LalBrew Premium Series yeast, LalBrew NovaLager™. LalBrew NovaLager™ is a true bottom fermenting S. pastorianus hybrid from the novel Group III lineage that has been selected to produce clean lager beers with distinct flavor characteristics and superior fermentation performance. We look forward to hearing and seeing all the interesting and creative beers being made with these two new innovative tools!

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Published Nov 1, 2022 | Updated Jan 31, 2024

Bioengineered (GMO)Homebrew ConHomebrew UpdateInnovationProduct launchSaccharomyces cerevisiaeSourvisiae

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Bioengineered (GMO)Homebrew ConHomebrew UpdateInnovationProduct launchSaccharomyces cerevisiaeSourvisiae

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