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Introducing the New Siebel Institute Sour Sensory Training Kit

Introducing the New Siebel Institute Sour Sensory Training Kit

The use of bacteria in the brewing of sour beers throughout history is well documented. This natural biological acidification contributes to both quality and sensory perception, but pH and total acidity are not the only parameters to be taken into consideration for this beer category, which is becoming wildly popular. Organic acids, diacetyl and biogenic amines are all produced via specific bacterial metabolic pathways, which are species and strain dependent. What is the sensory impact of these sour beer related compounds and how can this knowledge influence brewer process choices for sour beer production?

Detecting flavors linked to sour beer production

Brewers’ abilities to perceive the characteristics of sour related compounds and/or detection of off flavors linked to souring can be improved. The Siebel Institute Sour Sensory Training Kit allows the compounds to be mixed with beer to mimic their sensory impact. The Siebel Institute Sour Sensory Training Kit offers 6 vials with different compounds (acetic acid, lactic acid, butyric acid, barnyard, diacetyl, and one biogenic amine–cadaverine) that can be produced by microbiological acidifying agents such as bacteria. Specifically, the discussion of biogenic amines in brewing is a topic of much attention and research at the moment. As previously defined, biogenic amines are nitrogenous compounds deriving from enzymatic reactions of corresponding precursor amino acids. There is regulation in place at regional levels across the globe to ensure health and safety, so it is a topic brewers should be knowledgeable about as sour beer becomes better understood.

An easy way to implement sour sensory training

As with the other kits, the Sour Sensory Training Kit is shipped in a ready to- use liquid form, making it as easy to use as possible. Each vial allows for spiking 1 liter of beer. For over a decade, Siebel Institute Sensory Training Kits have set the standard for accuracy and ease-of-use in beer sensory training applications. These kits are preselected and tailored to specific training purposes. Each kit is designed to help tasters build their skills towards understanding brewing related flavors at a professional level. The Sour Sensory Training Kit enables brewers to assess their ability to perceive the characteristics of each compound and detect off-flavors linked to souring. It also allows for taster calibration by others with an interest in beer, including breweries training new and existing staff to spot beer defects more effectively. When training with the kits, users can visit our Sensory Corner on Siebel’s website to utilize training videos for support with sample spiking, proper tasting procedures, and videos on each compound for additional learning.

Published Apr 25, 2023 | Updated Jan 31, 2024

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