Offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology and backed by decades of experience, our approach to brewery consultancy has evolved to meet the constant evolution of the needs of the brewing industry. Rather than assigning a single consultant to a project, we draw from a worldwide team of experienced professionals with applied knowledge of every critical phase of this industry to create a shared source of knowledge for tackling the project at hand. Our team of consultants blends decades of experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging trends and technologies, creating one top consultancy teams in the world.

Our methodology for any consulting project follows a systematic approach for efficiently leveraging our worldwide pool of knowledge. In the initial phase of evaluation, you will work with a Siebel Institute Service Analyst to develop a “Needs Assessment Profile”, defining your current operating standards, perceived realities, and desired outcomes. Our analyst then draws from our team of consulting experts, choosing a consultant (or multiple consultants) that best meets the demands of your project. Our consultant(s) will subsequently work with you to thoroughly evaluate your operations and to provide solutions based on the collective experience of our entire consultancy team.

Consulting services provided include, but are not limited to

  • Planning & start-up
  • Equipment acquisition and installation
  • Plant design
  • Fermentation & QC/QA issues
  • Process evaluation
  • Staff training
  • Brewery management issues

Additionally, as a way to satisfy a steadily increasing demand from entrepreneurs who are seeking a professional opinion regarding the viability of their brewpub or microbrewery project, Lallemand Brewing’s Siebel Institute Consultancy Services Division has created the Brewery Planning Evaluation Service. This affordable package of services, which includes an assessment of the entrepreneurs’ preparedness for planning, opening and operating their new business, give future brewery owners a greater understanding of the steps they need to take towards building a successful business,.

To find out more about our Brewery Consultancy services, offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology, please visit the Brewery Consultancy website, and to learn more about the Brewery Planning Evaluation Service you may visit the startup evaluation service website. Alternatively, please contact our Brewery Consultancy services team directly at