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Sour solution WildBrew Sour Pitch
Best Practices – Wildbrew Philly Sour™

Oct 8, 2021

WildBrew Philly Sour™ is a unique species of Lachancea selected from nature by University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, USA (Patent pending N° PCT/US20 18/043 148). WildBrew Philly Sour™ produces moderate amounts of lactic acid in addition to ethanol in one simple fermentation step. This first yeast in the WildBrew™ series is a great choice for innovative, sessionable sour beers with refreshing acidity and notes of stone fruit. WildBrew Philly Sour™ fermentation performance depends on a variety of factors within the individual brewers environment. This document addresses some important fermentation kenetics information and provides tips on using this innovative product. ●●●
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Best Practices – Recommended Kettle Sour Procedure

Jul 8, 2020

Kettle souring allows brewers to produce quick sour beers. This best practice document provides recommended kettle sour procedures.   ●●●
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