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Drifine is purified isinglass, which employs improved disruption technology to yield a product with the unique combination of optimum dissolving and performance characteristics. Drifine is added to wine at the end of fermentation to speed clarification and improve filtration by removing yeasts and particulate matter.

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The active component of Drifine is isinglass (collagen). It is derived from the swim bladder of fish. Processing into finished form involves a regime of rigorous washing and sterilization, followed by disruption, drying and fine-milling.

Efficient clarification at low addition rates

Compact sedimentation

Effective at low temperatures

Typical Drifine treatment rate is in the range 1 to 3 g/hl.

For both performance and commercial considerations it is advisable to identify the correct addition
rate. (To identify the correct addition rate, please download the Technical Data Sheet below) This will vary from wine to wine.

In all instances care should be taken in removing all the settled solids prior to filtration.