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Compac CG Tablets contain the semi-refined, granulated form of the seaweed species Eucheuma cottonii.

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The species Eucheuma cottonii is rich in the kappa isomer of carrageenan.

When added to boiling wort, kappa carrageenan reacts strongly with soluble proteins, notably the proline-rich haze precursor fraction. When the wort is cooled the carrageenan-protein complex becomes unstable and precipitates out of solution.
The clear wort that results produces a beer with enhanced processing characteristics.

Improved hot break compaction

Improved filtration

Improved yeast vitality

Compac CG Tablets are typically added to wort at rates in the range 2-6g/hl. Variations in grist make-up, malt
quality, brewing liquor, and plant operation all have a
major impact on the carrageenan requirement. The
correct addition rate is best identified by a simple
optimization test (see later).