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abv Alphamylase LT30

abv Alphamylase LT30 is a Food Grade bacteria alpha-amylase derived from a selected non-GMO strain of Bacillus subtilis. abv Alphamylase LT30 is a liquefying enzyme. Its action on starch substrates produces a decrease of viscosity.

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Liquid with a SG of 1.0-1.2

Light brown (color may vary from batch to batch)

min 1000 LAU/g

Optimum temperature varies between 77-90C depending on the starch concentration. Optimum pH is between pH 5.8-6.6.

TOTAL VIABLE COUNT                               < 50000/g

SALMONELLA SP.                                         absent/25g

COLIFORMS                                                   < 30/g

STAPHYLOCOCCUS  AUREUS                  absent/25g

ANAEROBIC SULPHATE                           absent/1g

ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY                  negative by test

MYCOTOXINS                                            negative by test

  • Liquefies starch substrates and facilitates the use of starches with higher temperature gelatinization.
  • Allows use of high levels of adjuncts.
  • Increases level of attenuation.
  • Reduces the potential for starch positive worts.


A typical dosage of:

0.4-0.8 kg/t cereal is to be added to the cereal cooker to liquefy starch substrates before adding to the mash.
0.01-0.05 kg/t of grist is to be added to the mash vessel in the brew house.