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Lallemand Brewing Quarterly Newsletter – issue 1

Nov 7, 2019

WBWY Newsletter Issue 1

Edited by Brent Jordan, General Manager, Lallemand Brewing:

It is with great pleasure that I write this short introduction to the very first “We Brew With You“, the newsletter of Lallemand Brewing.

At Lallemand Brewing we believe that the key to success of our business rests in our ability to constantly innovate, to foresee the needs and wants of the markets and to invest in the resources required to meet those needs. We are fortunate since our parent, Lallemand Inc., has invested heavily over decades in the technology and research of yeast and bacteria for many different applications – Lallemand Brewing draws on this vast expertise to bring true innovation to our valued brewing clients. As an example, we recently launched ‘Sourvisiae’, the first commercially available bio-engineered yeast for sour beer production, true innovation brought to the market.

We also recognize that such progressive technology might not be to everyone’s taste and so we equally apply our resources to constantly developing our range of traditional brewing yeast, bacteria and nutrients. For example, at the upcoming Brau Beviale exhibition, we will launch two new products, a new bacteria product in our ‘WildBrew’ range for sour beer production and, in our LalBrew Premium’ range, a very traditional Kveik yeast which will be the first commercially available dry form of this yeast.

At the heart of creativity and innovation in any business, are the people; and we are blessed to have a fantastic team from renowned scientists on the innovation end, to dedicated sales and technical support representatives on the field supporting distributors and brewers. This is our Lallemand Brewing family and we are so proud to play our part, in this wonderful business, which is brewing.

I hope that you like our newsletter and find it interesting and informative!

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