Analytical Services

Lallemand Brewing’s analytical services are offered to the brewing industry both by the Siebel Institute of Technology and under the AB Vickers line of products.

The analytical services offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology constitute one of the industry’s most complete range of brewing-related tests. They are conducted using the most stringent standards, employing methods prescribed by groups like the American Society of Brewing Chemists and AOAC INTERNATIONAL. At Lallemand Brewing we strive to conduct each test and deliver its results as promptly as possible, providing our customers with information that is both timely and accurate.

The analytical services offered under the AB Vickers line of product leverage the laboratory and technical capabilities of our UK-based team. Our technical support staff is composed of qualified brewers with extensive experience and technical knowledge of the entire brewing process. We work closely with breweries by providing support both on-site and in our laboratories, depending on the type of service needed. Some routine services, such as finings optimizations, can be carried out in our laboratories or -if required- at laboratories on the brewery site. Our labs allow for more complex tests, including analysis of compounds such as polyphenols and sensitive proteins in beer stability studies or assessments of enzyme addition rates and customized enzyme blend performance under defined brewhouse or raw material conditions. This service allows breweries to accurately tailor product and dose rates around their particular recipes to produce beers efficiently and up to a defined quality standard.

To find out more about the analytical services offered by the Siebel Institute of Technology, please visit the Siebel’s Analytical Services website. To learn more about the analytical services offered under the AB Vickers team please visit the AB Vickers analytic team’s website. Alternatively, please email us at