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AB Vickers Services

“Our technical support staff are all qualified brewers with experience and technical knowledge…”


AB Vickers has a fully equipped laboratory and technical center to support the manufacture and use of its process aids. Our technical support staff are all qualified brewers with experience and technical knowledge to offer onsite support and problem-solving in the application and use of our process aids.


All these services are part of our supply policy which ensures the breweries get the best out of our products:

  • Technical visits where we audit the process and feedback any issues which may be comprising product quality, as well as recipe design and product development. Our wide brewing yeast range, as well as our extensive knowledge in this area,  means we are well equipped to work with small and large breweries in the development of both new and established beer styles.
  • Other services such as finings optimizations should be carried out regularly, especially if there is a process change or a raw material change. We work with our customers to ensure the dose rates in use are optimal for performance with minimal waste. These can be carried out in our laboratories at Burton or, if more convenient, at laboratories on the brewery site.
  • We also offer beer analysis for levels of complex compounds such as polyphenols and sensitive proteins which contribute to beer stability. This service allows the brewer to accurately tailor the dose rates in their recipes and prevent issues around beer stability.