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Yeastlife O™

ABV YeastLife O™ is the result of intensive Research & Development studies on the impact of yeast nutrition on the fermentation of high sugar/low nutrient-based fermented beverages, including hard seltzer. On top of solving nutritional requirements to avoid sluggish and stuck fermentation, YeastLife O™ has been formulated to avoid off-flavor and improve mouthfeel.

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AB Vickers YeastLife O™ is composed of 100% yeast derived ingredients, so nutrients are balanced and bio-available for yeast metabolism. It does not contain mineral salts or inorganic sources of vitamins or nitrogen (such as DAP or urea). Organic nutrition from AB Vickers YeastLife O™ promotes cleaner fermentations compared to inorganic nutrition that may lead to off flavors due to rapid yeast growth. AB Vickers YeastLife O™ is gluten-free.

Complete nutrition for pure sugar fermentations

Ensures rapid fermentation with high attenuation

Natural, 100% yeast derived nutrition is balanced and bio-available for yeast

Clean and consistent fermentations

Reduced off-flavors compared to inorganic nutrient supplementation

Treatment rates are typically in the range of:

250g/hL for high gravity, pure sugar fermentations (>20’P)

150-250g/hL for standard sugar fermentations (10-20’P)

30-50g/hL for standard wort

Add AB Vickers YeastLife O™ to the kettle at end of boil, or dissolve in water prior to dosing in-line during transfer to the fermenter.