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Alphaclar S is a single –use cross linked polyvinylpyrroidone (PVPP). It is a colloidal haze stabilizer which can increase the shelf life of beer. Alphaclar S absorbs the haze-active polyphenols which would otherwise react with haze-active proteins in filtered beer to form colloidal haze during storage.


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Beer contains polyphenols which are derived from hops and malt. The smallest (haze active) polyphenol molecules and the smallest (haze active) protein molecules will pass throughthe filter.
At first the beer may be bright but gradually the polyphenols with polymerize due to oxidation.  Once they reach a certain size they can react with the haze-active proteins to form colloidal haze which is measurable and visible.  Eventually the colloids can become large enough for them to sediment. Alphaclar S absorbs the  polyphenols via hydrogen bonding. As PVPP is insoluble, beer filtration will remove the haze-active polyphenols which have been absorbed onto the PVPP. This takes away one side of the equation in colloidal haze formation, thereby improving the stability of beer.

Increases beer shelf-life due to preventing colloidal haze formation.

Only the specific haze-active polyphenols are removed.

PVPP is insoluble so its removed by filtration and therefore is a processing aid, which is no required to be listed on labels.

The typical treatment rate is generally 30 – 50 g/hl

The level of polyphenols in the beer will determine the required addition rate. The correct addition rate is best identified by performing a lab-scale optimization test and measuring the effects on the haze-active polyphenol levels.