Our Units

Lallemand Brewing currently offers three distinctive lines of products and services, grouped under a different set of brands.


Lallemand’s premium range of brewing yeast and bacteria

Lallemand’s premium brewing yeast offers brewers unmatched consistency, reliability and purity from one batch of beer to the next one, allowing them to take full control of the brewing process, exercise their full creativity and obtain the exact aromatic and flavor qualities they want.

Our Premium Yeasts, Framed within the LalBrew® product line, are specifically selected for a variety of uses.  Each yeast is carefully researched and selected for its ability to provide true to style flavors and aromas with a guaranteed consistency in performance. The yeasts are easy to use and backed by our global team of technical staff ready to help customers achieve their fermentation goals.


AB Vickers

AB VICKERS is a global leader in the field of brewing process aids and related services.

Both traditional and innovative, the AB Vickers line ranges from beer and wort clarification products, brewing nutrients specifically created for various needs, to a comprehensive range of non-GMO enzymes. From small local breweries up to the largest global beer production companies, many organizations around the world rely on the AB Vickers line thanks to the constant technical innovation and expertise that supports its offering. One innovation, in particular, is the creation and offering of vegan finings.

At AB Vickers, the use of traditional spectrophotometric techniques to assess clarification and stability is complemented by modern analytical techniques such as particle size analysis and quantitative assessment of the complex chemical compounds that contribute to beer stability to help us cater to each customer’s specific needs.

Some of the largest and smallest brewing companies benefit from using the AB Vickers product lines from tapping into the significant expertise and resources offered by our team of brewmasters, industry experts, and R&D capabilities.


The Siebel Institute of Technology

The Siebel Institute of Technology is an internationally recognized brewing industry education and service provider.

Founded in 1872 by Dr. J. E. Siebel., the Siebel Institute of Technology’s objective is, in the founder’s own words, to promote the progress of the brewing industry “based on fermentation, which is done by instruction, investigation, analysis and otherwise.” True to this promise, the Siebel Institute of Technology rapidly became one of the world’s most respected brewing schools and analytical laboratories.

Since its foundation, the Siebel Institute has been a key part of North America’s brewing tradition and is recognized as a thought leader when it comes to brewing knowledge and education.