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Lalvin Bourgovin RC212

The Lalvin Bourgovin RC212 yeast has been selected by the BIVB (Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne), and was developed for red wines with color and structure. Due to the limited polyphenol adsorption on its cell wall, this yeast promotes the stabilization of the color and tannins during fermentation. This outstanding property makes Lalvin Bourgovin RC212 a wise choice to enhance the polyphenolic content of Gamay, Zinfandel and Grenache. Lalvin Bourgovin RC212 consistently produces Pinot Noirs with good structure, ripe berry, bright fruit and spicy characteristics.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae cerevisiae
Neutral to the competitive factor
Alcohol tolerance up to 16%
Average lag phase
Moderate fermentation rate
Optimal range of fermentation temperatures: between 20°C to 30°C
High requirement in assimilable nitrogen
Low production of volatile acidity
Low SO2 production
No foam formation
Low cell wall absorption of polyphenols

Red winemaking: 25 to 40 gr/hl

Rehydrate RC212 in 5 times its weight of clean water at 40°C. Let stand for at least 20 minutes then gently stir occasionally to break up any clumps. Add to the must.

– The total rehydration duration should never exceed 45 minutes
– Avoid cold shocking the yeast. the temperature difference between the must to be inoculated and the rehydration medium should never be over 10°C
– It is essential to rehydrate the yeast in a clean container.
– The rehydration in must is not advisable.