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Advanced Off-Flavor Sensory Kit

The Advanced Off-Flavor Kit offers 18 different compounds that cover the full spectrum of off-flavors that are critical for beer tasters to know towards accurately evaluating beer. Each vial allows for spiking 1 liter of beer.

Acetaldehyde – Green apple, cut grass
Acetic acid – Vinegar-like
Butyric acid – Putrid, baby vomit
Caprylic acid – Soapy, fatty, candle wax
Contamination – Sour & buttery
D.M.S. – Cooked corn, cooked vegetables
Diacetyl– Butter, butterscotch
Earthy – Geosmin, soil-like
Grainy – Husk-like, nut-like
Indole – Farm, barnyard
Isovaleric acid – Cheesy, old hops, sweaty socks
Lactic acid – Sour, sour milk
Light Struck – Skunky, toffee or coffee like
Mercaptan – Sewer-like, drains
Metallic – Metal, tin-like, blood
Papery – Cardboard, oxidized
Spicy – Cloves, all spice
H2S – Sulphidic, Rotten Eggs