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Jun 11, 2020

PHILLY SOUR – Yeast For Lactic Acid Production

Jun 3, 2020

Lallemand Brewing is pleased to partner with the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA to bring to the world WildBrew™ Philly Sour, a novel species of Lachancea yeast. Isolated in Philadelphia by Dr. Farber and his team, this strain produces both lactic acid and ethanol with flavor notes of stone fruit and peach. WildBrew™ Philly Sour  is a new tool for brewers interested in sour beer production.

Rewatch our Live webinar with Dr. Farber and Sylvie Van Zandycke, Lallemand’s Global Sales Manager, where they discussed the story of WildBrew™ Philly Sour and its potential for the brewing industry.

This webinar includes:

  1. The story and discovery of WildBrew™ Philly Sour
  2. The fermentation characteristics and flavor profile of this yeast
  3. How it fits within the world of sour producing strains
  4. It’s potential to expand the world of sour beer styles


  • Sylvie Van Zandycke – Intro to Lallemand and partnership with Matt and the University of the Sciences
  • Dr. Matthew Farber – WildBrew™ Philly Sour story and intro into fermentation character
  • Molly Browning – Listener Q&A with Sylvie and Matt