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We Still Brew With You

Apr 16, 2020

During this challenging period, we at Lallemand are making every effort to support you. We are currently hosting a series of Facebook live broadcasts around the world to bring you technical support from home.

Our live streams consist of a 30-minute presentation on a trendy and operational chosen topic and a 30 minutes Q/A session, where our speaker addresses all of your questions and concerns.

We look forward to welcoming you all virtually!





Tune in with our Australia technical sales manager Daniel Mc Culloch, in our upcoming Facebook live broadcast on Wednesday the 22nd of April at 9 pm EST. Daniel will discuss the Basic Yeast Counting Theory with a Demo of the Oculyze unit live from his local brewery, Eden Brewery, Australia.




If you missed one of our live streams or you want to share it with a friend, the videos are available on-demand for you to watch at any time.



Rewatch our UK technical sales manager Andrew Paterson and US East Coast technical sales manager Molly Browning co-hosted live presentation. Andrew explored the history and science behind the art of spontaneous fermentation and sour beers, while Molly discussed different souring microorganisms and how to use them in a controlled manner to get consistent results.

Key points that were covered:

  • Describe key features of Lambic production
  • Identify the key stages of Spontaneous fermentation
  • Examine the importance of titratable acidity and learn to measure it
  • What is lactobacillus and how to choose the right one
  • The different performance parameters for different strains of Lacto
  • Using yeast to achieve consistency in sour beer brewing



Everything you need to know about Dry Yeast

Brittney answered many frequently asked questions about dry yeast ranging from production, rehydration to repitching.

Questions that were be covered:

  • What is ADY (active dry yeast)? How is it made?
  • What is Trehalose?
  • Why are there not as many dry strains available compared to liquid?
  • Do I need to rehydrate dried yeast? How do I go about doing that?
  • How do I store it?
  • Do I need to aerate?
  • Can I repitch with dried yeast?



Brewing Lager Beer; how one style of beer came to dominate the globe

Rewatch Andrews live stream where he discussed the opportunity to brew traditional lager. In his live broadcast he discussed;

  • The history of mass industrialization of lager
  • The genetic history of Lager yeast and the implications for fermentation performance
  • The classic aim of the lagering process.

He then addressed the methods which can be employed to achieve the above aims.



The Ins and Outs of Online Education

If you are a student hesitating to switch to online courses, waiting for campus sessions to reopen, or want to know more about online courses, you can rewatch Richard’s Facebook live presentation.

  • In his live broadcast, he addressed; The differences and similarities between online and campus education
  • The Siebel courses, and programs available for you online
  • Frequently asked questions


Follow our Lallemand Facebook page to be informed of our next live conferences.