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abv Chillzyme

abv Chillzyme is a protease obtained from the plant Carica papaya. It is used in brewing to prevent the formation of chill hazes by hydrolyzing proteins to soluble peptides and aminoacids.



Prevents formation of protein-tannin complexes.

Reduces the risk of chill hazes in packaged beers.

Leads to longer shelf life.


A typical dosage of:
3 -6 ml/hl for cold conditioning tank additions
1 – 2 ml/hl for bright beer tank additions (prior to pasteurization)

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Liquid with a SG of 1.2-1.3

Brown (color may vary from batch to batch)

95-105 TU/mg

4.0 – 6.0

TOTAL VIABLE COUNT                      < 1000/g

COLIFORMS                                           absent/1g

E . COLI                                                    absent/25g

SALMONELLA                                        absent/25g

YEASTS AND MOLDS                           < 400/g