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abv Alphamylase LT30

abv Alphamylase LT30 is a Food Grade bacteria alpha-amylase derived from a selected non-GMO strain of Bacillus subtilis. abv Alphamylase LT30 is a liquefying enzyme. Its action on starch substrates produces a decrease of viscosity.



Liquefies starch substrates and facilitates the use of starches with higher temperature gelatinization.

Allows use of high levels of adjuncts.

Increases level of attenuation.

Reduces the potential for starch positive worts.



A typical dosage of:

0.4-0.8 kg/t cereal is to be added to the cereal cooker to liquefy starch substrates before adding to the mash.
0.01-0.05 kg/t of grist is to be added to the mash vessel in the brew house.

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Liquid with a SG of 1.0-1.2

Light brown (color may vary from batch to batch)

min 1000 LAU/g

Optimum temperature varies between 77-90C depending on the starch concentration. Optimum pH is between pH 5.8-6.6.

TOTAL VIABLE COUNT                               < 50000/g

SALMONELLA SP.                                         absent/25g

COLIFORMS                                                   < 30/g

STAPHYLOCOCCUS  AUREUS                  absent/25g

ANAEROBIC SULPHATE                           absent/1g

ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY                  negative by test

MYCOTOXINS                                            negative by test