LalBrew Pomona™

LalBrew Pomona™ is a hybrid yeast that was selected for flavor and fermentation performance in hoppy beers. Named after the goddess of fruit trees, LalBrew Pomona™ produces a unique and juicy flavor profile with notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits. This strain was developed by our partner Escarpment Laboratories (Canada) using advanced yeast breeding and adaptive laboratory evolution in high ABV and highly hopped IPA fermentations. The result is a fruity, stress-tolerant, and robust strain that enhances biotransformation and haze for modern IPA styles.

500g packs
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Quick facts

StrainSaccharomyces cerevisiae
Beer stylesAmerican Amber Ale, American Barleywine, American Brown Ale, American IPA, American Pale Ale, American Wheat, Berliner Weiss, Blonde Ale, Cream Ale, Dry Stout, Gose, Imperial IPA, Kettle Sours, New England IPA, New England Pale Ale, Robust Porter, Russian Imperial Stout, Session IPA
Temperature range18 - 22°C (64 - 72°F)
AromaPeach, Citrus, Tropical Fruit
Alcohol tolerance10% ABV
Pitching rate50 - 100g/hL

Flavor and aroma characteristics - LalBrew Pomona™


Why is LalBrew Pomona™ a game-changer?
Great all-around IPA strain with peach, citrus, and tropical fruit notes plus a stable haze.

  • High biotransformation potential
  • Unique flavor profile with notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits
  • Selected for fermentation in high-gravity and highly hopped wort
  • Haze-positive for stable haze
  • Robust and repitchable


Yeast Hybridization science

They used yeast breeding to cross a highly aromatic strain with a super robust and reliable strain. Then they used a process called adaptive lab evolution to adapt it to the unique fermentation conditions of IPAs, enhancing biotransformation and haze. The result is an excellent new yeast strain for modern hop-forward beers.

Learn more about yeast hybridization and adaptive lab evolution in this blog article.


"Overall impression - absolutely fantastic, this will certainly become a house favourite should it progress to sale. Easy to use, fast, incredibly versatile (based off these brews I feel there is so much more that can be done with it!), easy for our production methods, and an aroma that is just incredible. Honestly in many years of brewing hazies, the performance from this out the pack was still mind blowing." Chris Pilkington, Head Brewer
"General impression is that it is a nice yeast, with unique aroma profile that can be used in different styles of beers. There is definite potential, especially if we get to play around with it with different temps and pressures and pitch rates."
"Quick performing yeast with decent potential for brewing hazy IPAs. We find it's suitable for lower ABV beers where lesser attenuation is desirable for retaining body."
"Using the LalBrew Pomona™ in trial brews highlighted its positive characteristics for brewing a hazy ale. Delicious flavour balance, great attenuation and quick ferment make it a great inclusion for brewers keen on the style."
“One of the most exciting yeasts I had the opportunity to try. It delivers such a nice tropical juicy character that complements perfectly with heavy dryhop additions like we do at Basqueland Brewing. It’s a fast fermenting yeast that works well for all our hazy beers.” - Oscar Saenz, Head of Brewing Operations, Basqueland Brewing.
"As Senior brewer at Åben I have been able to experiment with the new trial of LalBrew Pomona™ yeast from Lallemand. We have found that it gives repeatable and highly predictable results whilst thriving in our hazy IPAs and giving extra depth to our kettle sours. It consistently provides a heightened ester profile of bright citrus, stone fruit and elevates our hop profiles to be direct and punchy whilst maintaining a very stable and glowing haze."
"We use many Lallemand yeasts, because we use only the best ingredients in our beers. Always good and trustable quality, and every strain has these technical and aroma values, which Lallemand promises. And it's very exciting to try all the new experimental strains."


Yes, while it was mostly used for hazy pale ales/IPAs in the trials, some brewers found success with American Brown Ale, (clear) NZ Pale Ale, and kettle sours.

LalBrew Pomona™ presents nice tropical and peach aromas fermenting at the optimal temperature range for the strain. Fermentation at high temperatures is not necessary to encourage these aromas.

Yes, consistent flavors have been reported when repitching.

A pitch rate lower than 50g/hl skewed to more medium terpene/thiol perception. Hop selection and addition time are more impactful than pitch rate.

We are investigating, but survey results suggest that the strain is acid-tolerant and produces a good aroma (tropical fruits).

We’ve seen slightly lower pH with LalBrew Pomona™. It could be helpful for stability (e.g. late dry hopping) and to tie in with theoretical higher FAN consumption.

Trials suggest easy filterability/easy to clarify.

No, Lalbrew Pomona™ is a hybrid yeast strain made using no genetic engineering technology.