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Glucanase Premier is a Food Grade Beta-glucanase that can completely or partially break down soluble and insoluble celluloses and hemicelluloses such as those found in wheat, barley, and other cereals.

Liquid with a SG of 1.15-1.25

Amber (color may vary from batch to batch)

Beta glucanase – min 12000U/g                                           Xylanase – 30000 U/g
CMC-ase – 45000 U/g

TOTAL VIABLE COUNT                           < 50000/g

COLIFORMS                                                < 30/g

E . COLI                                                         absent/25g

SALMONELLA                                             absent/25g

YEAST & MOLD                                           < 100/g

MYCOTOXINS                                             negative by test

ANTIBIOTIC ACTIVITY                            negative by test

Significantly improves lautering and wort filterability problems which result from beta-glucans and complex pentosans being present.

Guards against beta-glucan induced beer hazes.

Improves beer filterability.

A typical dosage of:

200-400 ml/tonne grist is to be added in the brew house.
0.1-0.3 ml/hl is to be added in beer.
Can be applied to brewing, fruit juice, wine and potable alcohol.