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Lallemand Brewing Quarterly Newsletter – issue 6

Lallemand Brewing Quarterly Newsletter – issue 6

Welcome to the latest edition of the WBWY digital newsletter! There has been an explosion of interest in sour beers in recent years as commercially available freeze-dried bacteria (such as our Wildbrew Sour Pitch™ and Wildbrew Helveticus Pitch™) has made it so much easier to produce sour styles. The wide-ranging characteristics of these beers have also become better understood and appreciated by consumers. Sours are now produced by breweries large and small across the globe. In this issue, technical manager Molly Browning writes on the subject of fermenter souring: using a combination of lactic bacteria and yeast and how the selection of strains can influence flavour.

On the subject of fermentation, we are immensely pleased to have Professor Graeme Walker as a contributor to give us his unique insights into yeast, nutrition, and fermentation in our Q&A section. Graeme describes how he first got involved in a subject that would quickly become his life passion, walking us through his journey in research and industry. Well known for his studies on the influence of micronutrients on yeast and fermentation, Graeme recounts his experiences with more “challenging” fermentation substrates and discusses some of the recently evolving beverage trends from a fermentation perspective.


Editorial by Jordan Brent,

President & General Manager of Lallemand Brewing

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Published Mar 25, 2021 | Updated Jul 11, 2023