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Protofine is a food grade product designed to promote the flocculation and precipitation of yeast and protein complexes during cold storage of beer.

Protofine is a natural, plant-derived formulation with an application potential in a wide range of alcoholic beverage applications. The active components of Protofine has been widely used throughout the food industry for many decades.  Protofine is comparable to traditional fining products (isinglass) in performance.

Benefits for the use of Protofine include:

-Vegan friendly

-Natural, plant-derived product

-Improved filtration performance

-Reduced cold storage time

-Improves beer haze and stability

General treatment rate for Protofine is 10-40g/hl.  Protofine should be dissolved and added as a 5.4% aqueous solution, during transfer of beer from fermentation to cold storage tank.