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Glucanase Plus is a complex enzyme blend that is specifically formulated for application in the brew house to achieve optimum wort filtration using either lauter tun or filter press whilst also guaranteeing excellent extract recovery and final beer filtration.  Glucanase Plus is designed to perform efficiently over a wide range of mashing temperatures and can be used when adjuncts are used at moderate levels.


Amber/Brown (color may vary from batch to batch)

TOTAL VIABLE COUNT                              < 50000/g

COLIFORMS                                                   < 30/g

SALMONELLA                                                absent/25g

ANTIBIOTIC ACTIVITY                               negative by test

MYCOTOXINS                                                negative by test

  • Efficient wort filtration on lauter tun or mash filter.
  • Increased extract recovery.
  • Efficient final beer filtration.


A typical dosage is typically between 50-300 mL/tonne of grist.

Optimum dose rate may vary depending on the grist composition and mashing profile.